Introduction to Positive Intelligence

Change your Life and Work For the Better

PQ: Increase Success and Happiness

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a game-changer. It flips the script on traditional thinking. Rather than assuming success leads to happiness, PQ reveals that happiness precedes success. Backed by research conducted in collaboration with Yale’s psychology department, PQ shows that happy employees are more productive, creative, and effective problem solvers1.

The Science Behind PQ

Global Impact

Clients worldwide have embraced PQ. From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, the results are clear: enhanced performance, well-being, and transformation.

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For more about PQ:

Positive Intelligence | Building mental fitness for all

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Achieve More, Stress Less with Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaching

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All services
Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

From Our Clients

A 2024 Bootcamp Participant

Working with Nancy was truly transformative.

May 10, 2024
A 2023 Bootcamp Participant

Nancy is a savvy and seasoned professional who brings excellence to everything she's done. I've had the pleasure of working with Nancy in many capacities for over 20 years, and I recommend her and her organization without hesitation.

May 10, 2024
2022 Bootcamp Participant

Nancy is an exceptional life and business coach! With her expertise and guidance (including many years of directing in HR), I have been able to learn more about myself, and identify areas for improvement in both my personal and professional life. Her compassionate approach, combined with a wealth of expertise, has empowered me to navigate obstacles more easily and clarify my goals. With Nancy's support, I have developed valuable skills, and further enhanced resilience and growth. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone seeking profound transformation and sustainable success in their endeavors.

May 10, 2022

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