Introduction to Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Change your Life and Work For the Better

PQ: Increase Success and Happiness

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a game-changer. It flips the script on traditional thinking. Rather than assuming success leads to happiness, PQ reveals that happiness precedes success. Backed by research conducted in collaboration with Yale’s psychology department, PQ shows that happy employees are more productive, creative, and effective problem solvers1.

The Science Behind PQ

Global Impact

Clients worldwide have embraced PQ. From Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, the results are clear: enhanced performance, well-being, and transformation.

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For more about PQ:

Positive Intelligence | Building mental fitness for all

For more about Next Chapter PQ Services, read on!

Introduction to Next Chapter Services

Next Chapter is an independent business affiliated with Positive Intelligence. We offer traditional and PQ coaching, facilitation and mental fitness bootcamps. We also offer packages of services to fit your unique needs.

Coaching Services Including PQ Coaching

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching Sessions: Book individual or package sessions.

PQ knowledge not required.
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PQ Mental Fitness Bootcamps

Unlock Your Mental Fitness: Our 8-week Mental Fitness Bootcamp rewires your brain for happiness and effectiveness. Here’s what’s included:

Weekly Group Sessions: Connect with your coach and fellow participants to share insights.

Daily PQ App Practice: 15 minutes of mindfulness and learning.

Goal Planning and Debriefs: Twice with your coach.

Elevate All Aspects of Life: Experience the power of increased mental fitness.

See more on the "What is a Mental Fitness Bootcamp" page.

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Saboteur Workshops

Discover Your Mental Fitness: Our Saboteur Workshops dive into PQ Mental Fitness, making it engaging and interactive. Here’s the scoop:

Meet Your Saboteurs: Discover those inner voices that hold you back—the saboteurs.

Fun and Tailored: In just Usually a half a day, we can customize the experience for your group or team.

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Packages of PQ Services + Coaching

Customize Your Journey: Combine coaching packages with other services to suit your needs. 

Management clients often blend PQ Bootcamps with year-long coaching. Larger groups kick off with a Saboteur Workshop or TED Talk, then build from there.

Let’s tailor your success story! 

"Ted" Style Talk on PQ and Mental Fitness

Unlock Your Inner Potential: Join or book one of Nancy’s dynamic TED style Talks on PQ and Mental Fitness. In just 20 minutes, you’ll unravel the mystery of your inner saboteurs—their origin and how to conquer them. Plus, stay for the Q&A—it’s where the magic and connection happens. Learn more about your mind and have fun doing it.

Sage Circle Meetings

Bootcamp: Graduates come together in monthly meetings to bolster their ongoing PQ Muscle Building and assist each other in navigating the complexities of work and life using their Sage Powers. As part of Sage Circles, members receive a GROW membership on the PQ app, granting them access to live meetings with Shirzad. Additionally, they can explore recorded sessions covering various aspects of work and life. 

Sage Circles available by Quarterly Subscriptions, $150 per quarter or part of a coaching contract.

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