Nancy Beacham, ACC
Founder and Coach: Nancy Beacham

About Me: Management and Mental Fitness Coach

🌟 Introduction:

I am a credentialed Management and Mental Fitness Coach based in Seattle, Washington. As the founder of Next Chapter Coaching and Consulting, LLC since 2013, I am passionate about helping individuals and teams thrive.

🧠 Positive Intelligence (PQ):

My work centers around Mental Fitness, which measures our capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset. In 2020, I reengaged my interest in Neuroscience by attending a Brain Science coaching program with the Neuro Leadership Institute, igniting my focus on brain health and mental fitness.

🏋️‍♀️ Mental Fitness Coaching:

In 2022, I became a trained Mental Fitness Coach through Positive Intelligence. Since then, I’ve led groups through mental fitness training bootcamps, provided personalized mental fitness coaching, and facilitated workshops. My goal is to empower clients to develop the mental muscles needed to overcome negative thought patterns, enhance performance, and find happiness.

🤝 Leadership Experience:

Before diving into mental fitness, I served as a Management Coach and HR Leader in both high-tech and non-profit sectors. My ability to work across diverse teams, build trust relationships, and influence positive change has been recognized by colleagues and clients alike. (For details, see the Coach and Partner Details page.)

🌎 Working Across Boundaries:

I collaborate with business and private clients across the country. Whether it’s coaching executives, supporting managers, or empowering individuals, I thrive on making a positive impact in the lives of clients.

🚀 Let’s Connect:

Curious about what I can do for you? Let’s set up an introductory meeting! We’ll explore how we can work together, and I’ll show you how Mental Fitness can transform your life.

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