Nancy Beacham
Coach, Facilitator, Founder

Nancy Beacham is a management coach and HR leader and consultant. She founded Next Chapter Coaching, LLC in 2013. Nancy has developed in-house coaching programs for start-ups and for the high potential team at Microsoft. In partnership with Niches Coaching and Consulting, she developed the LEP Energy Empowerment program for women in 2018.

As a coach, Nancy specializes in deep listening for each client’s unique voice and needs. She combines management and human resources expertise, with coaching and mental fitness knowledge to deliver new insights and impact. Nancy’s fascination for Neuroscience made the Positive Intelligence program a perfect match. Her current focus is delivering Positive Intelligence Bootcamp training to both individuals and corporate teams to improve management and performance, reduce stress, and prevent burn-out.

Originally from California, she has lived in the Seattle area for many years with her husband and family. She has also had many rewarding HR and coaching career experiences, including working in Human Resources for industry leading local firms as both consultant and employee. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys volunteering and just completed a 9-month engagement as a trainer with a pro-bono Coaching for Leaders program for Compass Housing Alliance.

Notable Experience

▸ Managing Director, People and Culture, Seattle Foundation

▸ HR Consultant, HR director and other leadership roles at Amazon

▸ HR Consultant, HR leadership roles at Microsoft

▸ HR Consultant for Sodo, Brooks, Citrix, KORU, Coding Dojo, and others

▸ Executive Coach for Amazon

▸ Positive Intelligence Coach Program

Education & Certifications

▸ Neuro Leadership Institute, Brain Based Coaching

▸ Seattle Coach

▸ Coach mentoring

▸ UCLA, History and Communications

▸ Talent Manager/Succession Planning at Microsoft 

▸ HR Team Manager at Microsoft

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