Asli Aker
Facilitator, Partner Coach

Asli Aker is a Global Leadership & Organizational Development Expert and an Executive Coach. She is a true world citizen who brings her experience living and working in the U.S., Singapore, United Kingdom, Austria, Dubai, and Turkey to her global clientele.

Asli helps purpose-driven leaders and teams contribute at their highest capacity. She takes a direct yet encouraging approach to support leaders as they take conscious action and push themselves forward while holding them accountable to their vision and teams. Asli’s clients develop key skills such as influence, presence, communication, and self-mastery. Working with startups, nonprofits, and corporations, Asli brings her transformation experience, systems thinking, and strategy execution to help leaders scale. With over 20 years of experience, Asli is a skilled facilitator for leadership events, strategy sessions and professional workshops.

Nancy and Asli have worked together for 20 years in different capacities including at Microsoft, Seattle Foundation, and for clients like Capitol One, the Leadership Experience Project program and others. We often facilitate Saboteur Workshops together.

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